Our Team

Jennifer Burns


Mother, Wife, Business Woman,I wear many hats! I am passionate about working with people who have sat on the sidelines for far too long, say so long to their past self and embrace their future with confidence. This way they can realize their full capabilities and feel unstoppable and ready to succeed at anything they decide to do. 

If you’re ready to find out how I can help you live your life to its fullest, reach out, I’d love to chat with you!

Maddie Fache


I am passionate about bridging the gap between physical and mental wellness. I want to help people discover the rewarding experience of reaching their fitness goals.   It is a transformative journey for both physical and mental strength.

I have been on my own fitness journey for over 15 years, but am blessed to now call this passion my career! I haven’t mastered this journey, but have learnt, and continue to learn invaluable lessons along the way. There is so much more to training and lifting things than changing the way your body looks. I want to lead my clients on their journey of discovery and show them all that Base has to offer!

I have worked with a variety of individuals from outdoor professionals to young sports enthusiasts making the most of the mountain sports in our beautiful and unique region. I work with clients who have limitations, such as post surgery, chronic illness, mental illness, concussions, or long-term injuries, in order to provide them with a better quality of life. I am passionate about supporting my community through movement because I believe that the stronger my clients are physically, the better they are mentally.



When Myriam moved to Golden she left behind a gym community that had become a huge part of her life.

Golden has so many great things to offer, but having a gym community was a priority to her.

Then she discovered BASE!

Having access to a gym like ours was important enough to her that it played a part in determine whether she stayed in Golden or not! We are so happy to be able to deliver this service in our mountain town and keep Myriam around!

Myriam started as a member and has moved into the role of coach after completing her CF-L1 in September 2021. As a coach, she’s learned more about movement gets to share the her love for gym life and the community
with others.



Mandy’s enthusiasm for active living is at the forefront for herself and our clients that walk through our doors.  As a coach Mandy is fired up about foundational movement, mechanics, consistency and Intensity that is paramount to long-term development and success for all who walk through our doors.  Mandy will challenge and test your limits while encouraging you in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Mandy has spent half her life in beautiful Golden B.C and spends her time skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and hockey in the winter months.

Mandy loves summer and you will find her doing everything under the sun!

Mandy has found a passion in group fitness after having her two girls.  She then went on to get her Canfitpro Group Fitness instructor and Crossfit Level 1 certification

Mandy is very excited to see everyone at BASE training facility, you will be sure to leave with a smile on your face and a feeling of accomplishment. 

Come join our Community and start moving!