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At BASE, our goal is to make the time you spend in the gym, benefit everything else you do in your active life. We will meet you where you’re at, get an understanding of where you want to go and make a plan specific to you.  Whether you’re looking to make the most out of your days in the mountains or if you want to play with your grandkids for years to come, no goal is too big or too small! 

What makes BASE different from other gyms is that we don’t fit you into a mold.  We believe every person is different and has unique needs.  Whether you are training in a group environment, following remote programming, or working one on one with a coach, we’ve got you back from day one.  If you’re ready to start living the best years of your life, let’s chat!  Everyone starts with a complimentary consultation so you can get to know us and we can get to know you.

If you’ve ever...

felt like you’re too old to start something new, we believe that the best years of your life may be ahead of you.

If you’ve ever...

wondered how strong you could be, we believe we can help you unlock your superpowers and find how capable you truly are.

If you’ve experienced...

an injury or are in constant pain, we believe we can get you to a pain free state.

If you’ve tried...

losing weight and nothing has worked, we believe we can help you feel confident once again.

If that speaks to you...

you’re exactly who we work with and who we help.

Everyone starts with a free consultation. Here’s how to get started with BASE.

Get Started- Group Classes

Your Journey consists of four phases:


Your journey is cyclical

Your journey is cyclical with the ever-present phase of “Assess” sitting in the middle of the other three phases.

You begin with the Assess phase and our professionals will use that phase whenever you need it to learn about you and test new boundaries, skills, and set baselines for goals.

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After the initial Assess phase,

You will move into the Acclimate phase. Here everyone will do some level of individual sessions with a professional which will be built using custom programming based on their assessment.

During the Acclimate phase, you will develop the autonomy of movement and habits allowing them to either move into a customized, autonomous group training environment or continue private sessions.

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This will begin your Ascend phase.

Upon mastering the application of proper intensity of all movements, you will move into the Reclaim phase. Here you will continue with your customized programming, adding individual sessions as needed, and you will also be guided in your pursuit to reclaim the active life you’ve always wanted.

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Reclaim the active life you’ve always wanted

Interested in seeing if we can help you or someone you know reclaim their active life and get back to doing the things they love? Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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