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Kisa Glasier

Kisa Glasier @kisaglasier a familiar face and name to many in Golden, especially if you have been involved in sports! We’ve noticed big changes in Kisa since she started training in September( 34 classes to be exact!) & maybe you have to! We asked Kisa a few questions about her experience with training with BASE and here’s what she had to say:

1️⃣What is the biggest difference that you have experienced in your life since training?

Less back pain, feel faster, stronger. The young girls at hockey say they have noticed I am faster…one even told me I’m getting harder to catch!!

2️⃣What are the next steps for you?

Continue working out with Jenn, increase weight to build muscle.

3️⃣What is your #1 reason for success?
Attending as many classes as I can swing & pushing through even when it’s tough!

4️⃣What is your biggest accomplishment?
In life – raising my daughters to be productive members of society while my husband works away, balancing my career while looking after myself and my family and still having time to give back to the community by coaching girls in sport.

Kisa works as a financial advisor with Mountain Life Financial Solutions, if you have any questions for her about insurance,money or working out she’d be happy to help out!

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— with Kisa Glasier and Mountain Life Financial Solutions – Sun Life Financial.